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GITEX 2010 / C-motech looks for MEA partners







C-motech looks for MEA partners

C-motech is exhibiting a range of wireless solutions including LTE, WiMax, 4G, 3G and 3.5G routers and dongles. The company has come to GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK for the third time and is here especially for the 30th anniversary.

The main market for C-motech is currently North America and Japan but the company is keen on expanding into the Middle East and Africa. C-motech hopes to find new partners in the region and join hands with prominent players in this market.

Its current customer base includes operators in North and West Europe. MNT, and Skylink. C-motech manufactures 450MHz CDMA EV-DO Rev. A VOIP routers and USB dongles.

Tony Chang, Marketing Manager of C-motech says, “Our company is the leader of wireless technology. We first launched WCDMA, CDMA and 3G technology in 2007. An amazing product of this technology is a USB dongle that supports 3G and 3.5G. It has been provided to major operators like Sprint in the USA and KDDI in Japan.”

Chang continued to say, “Now the next step is 4G where LTE technology will be used. The CLU 960 a USB dongle and CLR 960 a hotspot router sports this technology and will be released in July 2011.” He cited Huawei and Novatel as C-motech’s competitors and when asked what makes his company different, he replied, “C-motech is an emerging company so our main core is speed.  We focus on the latest technology and develop it faster than other competitors. Currently our technology is being used by KDDI and Sprint and we have provided models to both of them.”
Published October 19, 2010
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